About Esoteric Eunoia

Cultivating a brave space to love fearlessly in order to journey through life with peace, harmony, and healing.

The Esoteric Eunoia Mission

Esoteric Eunoia’s mission is to impact the wellness outcomes of marginalized communities through trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness, art, and crystal healing. Esoteric Eunoia cultivates a brave space to love fearlessly in order to journey through life with peace, harmony, and healing.


Yoga means union. It is the union between our body, mind, and spirit. Yoga offers many tools and pathways to explore our human experience and our journey of returning home to ourselves, to our infinite love. We use mindful movement, known as asanas, and meditation to gain an innerstanding of our connection to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Crystals hold powerful and endless wisdom and knowledge. Directly from Mother Earth, these are extremely useful tools to support the balance and restoration of our energies.


Visual Arts is an expression of Spirit in many different forms. I have used visual arts as a way to liberate and reharmonized my mind, body, and spirit. It has always been a spiritual experience. Many of the art pieces you see are paintings and sketches created in times of joy, sadness, grief, and transformation.

The Creator of Esoteric Eunoia

About Luecretia

I am a registered 200-hour yoga instructor and have extensive training in Children’s Yoga, Mindfulness, and Trauma-Informed Classrooms. I began practicing yoga at the age of 14 and has made it a part of my life’s pursuit. I have taught literacy and 1st grade at KIPP DC Public Charter School and Visual Arts at Stanton Elementary School. I currently share my passion for yoga, mindfulness, and art at Hendley and Van Ness Elementary Schools as a Yoga and Visual Arts Teacher.


Visual Arts has always been a healing modality for me. At the age of 4, I was creating her own comic books, inspired by my older brother, Chris, a self-taught artist. Through creating anime characters and bubble letters, I expressed myself and used it to find peace in the midst of chaos. Art has always been a spiritual experience for me. As a moving meditation, I am able to clear my mind and find a pocket of air to pause and breathe. Creating art and later practicing yoga is what ultimately saved my life during an 18-year battle with depression and PTSD.


At the beginning of my teaching career, I began exploring the healing properties of crystals and instantly connected to amethyst, citrine, and emerald (which are just a few of my favorite stones). I started creating earrings and necklaces to carry my intentions and support me in staying balanced throughout my day. I began gifting my creations to family and friends which led to the cultivation of Esoteric Eunoia.

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